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Myka ~ local Santa Barbara Featured Artist

Myka is an accomplished local artist who now resides in Pasadena, (but he still considers Santa Barbara his home).  He has artwork featured at the Santa Barbara Art Museum, Lobero Theater, some local restaurants and prominent homes scattered in the South West.

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Myka creates inspiring spaces with his murals by transforming walls, ceilings and floors with painted illusions into Harmonious pieces of artwork. Myka, approaches each project as a unique opportunity to create that “special something” specifically designed for a particular space or client. He has  great variation in the projects stylistically and because of that there is a constant dedication to quality and creative expression. . He enjoys working directly with clients, as well as with designers and architects to create custom artistic elements and effects for their projects and visions.

myka photo
Myka Murals
Artist Myka Murals
Myka’s Fabulous Murals

Stop by today and see the beautiful Mural he specifically created in our new Modern Furniture space Created at the Santa Barbara Design Center or you may contact Artist Myka at [email protected]