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These terms are not the same yet they are often mistaken for the same thing. They do have some similar attributes (creating a decorative space), yet they do have significant differences…

Interior designer is a skilled craftsman who gained their profession thru formal training and education. And the schooling often involves the study of color theory, textiles, computer aided CAD training, drawling and space planning and sometimes even goes into architecture and more.

Where as, an Interior Decorator doesn’t require any schooling because their primary focus is on Aesthetics – decorators don’t take part in renovations or structural planning. Decorating usually focus on whipping the room in shape by deciding on the style, color scheme, purchasing furniture and accessorizing.

Who you should hire will depend on whether you need structural changes such as removing a wall, moving plumbing, or adding new doors or windows – hiring an Interior Designer would be a better choice. And if you were looking to change a style or just redecorating an Interior Decorator would be a better fit.

Accessing your needs to which one to hire hopefully is now clearer for you to decide. Both create beautiful and functional spaces, but they are separate professions.

Santa Barbara Design Center works with many local interior designers.   Here are a few that shop with us regularly: Mary Lou Sorrell, she specializes in Architectural details for interior and landscaping design; Linda Elking Selvage is an interior designer, home staging professional and a Feng Shui Consultant; Colleen Macey is another one of our local Interior Designers, she provides fresh functional options for any space; and Laura Welby, she is an interior designer and a teacher of 25 years at Santa Barbara City College instructing in Drafter and CAD. Santa Barbara Design Center is the number one choice for designers one-stop-shopping for all their furniture needs.

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