• New Years Resolutions Tips For Holiday Clean Up

    End of year means new beginnings and it’s time to look ahead to a clean and organized New Year! In Japan they have a New Years tradition for clearing clutter, dirt and disorganization from the old year because each year is seen as separate and distinct. This ritual is called Oosouji and it is performed […]

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  • Featured top designer to check out – Robert Passal

    Robert Passal, has to be one of this years most inspiring interior designers to follow. I love his sophisticated timeless aesthetic. He just nails it when comes to evoking personal comfort within an elegant setting. As well as mixing different styles and textures! Robert developed a keen eye from his experiences and travels and continues […]

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  • Your Home is a Canvas that Illustrates Your Life Story…


    Designing any space requires inspiration and originality – well your home is like a canvas which you can describe your life story – so you have an interesting story to tell. And when you invest your money on objects in your home like a piece of artwork, rug, table, sofa or lamp… you’re picking pieces […]

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  • Sofas, Couches, Sectionals, Love-seats, Chair – Galore!

    santa barbara modern ottomans

    At Santa Barbara Design Center we have the largest selection of Sofas, Couches, Sectionals, Love-seats, Arm chairs, Slipper Chairs, Recliners, Sleepers, Ottomans – ANYTHING UPHOLSTERED! All Custom made with over 3000 fabrics to choose from; made in California with Hard Alder Wood; filled with YOUR choice of Poli, Angel Hair or Down!  Its all down […]

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  • Rugs & So Much More!

    At Rugs & More we carry a full range of rugs that pay tribute to the beauty of their countries of origin. Whether exotic or traditional, tribal or modern, our rugs weave stories through intricate patterns, compelling colors, and touchable materials. Some Carpets we carry are museum quality pieces, which makes them a testament to […]

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  • 10 Easy Ways to a Holiday-Ready Home

    beachy chic santa barbara design

    So it’s the first day of December,  not many left until Christmas/Hanukkah – have you started your shopping? If you’re wanting some inspiration for how to get your home ready for the Holidays then look no further.  I’ve come up with an easy to do check-list with some super easy ways to prepare your home […]

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