• What Your Home Should Look Like by the Time You Hit the Big 30

    robert -passal interior

    OK, you are now a young adult – its official and you no longer have any excuses… So what should grown-ups have in their home by the ripe age of 30? Here is a list of some things that you might want to be shopping for – that is if you don’t have it already […]

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  • Welcome to Our New Outdoor Furniture Store!

    Welcome to Our New Outdoor Furniture Store

    That’s right you heard it here first – Santa Barbara Design Center now has an outdoor furniture store that is open  to the public.  Located on the corning of Olive and Gutierrez Street in Santa Barbara!  We have an outstanding collection of furniture for outdoor living.  Perfect for the Santa Barbarians indoor – outdoor living […]

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  • Build Your Own Style Sofa- As Easy As 1-2-3


    At Santa Barbara Sofa Collection you can build your own sofa and as EASY as 1-2-3! #1 Pick your frame – it’s not that complicated.  You just need to know what style you would like, make sure it is in harmony with the space you want to decorate, and make sure it fits through the […]

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  • Design Mistakes We Make with Decorating

    Santabarbara Sofa

    When we are shopping to do a makeover in our home most people are thinking of quick fixes and the # 1 mistake is when we think of a quick fix is that we tend to look for a cheaper alternative and a quick ship option. Soo… buying cheap generic furniture is the #1 mistake […]

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