Design and Transform Your Walls ! santa barbara design center

Design and Transform Your Walls !

You can transform any part of your home with simply adding an accent wall. Wallpaper is an easy way to elevate and character to a space. It offers instant texture, color, and pattern. Yes, it can be intimidating to use in a bedroom design, a space that should be peaceful and relaxing. But the key is to choose a palette and pattern that suits your aesthetic. If you’re a modern-art lover, go bold with color. If a Zen temple is your idea of a peaceful place, try a natural texture.

It not common to see wallpaper on your ceiling. Wallpapering the ceiling can add character, appear to adjust a room’s proportions for the better, or bring pattern into a scheme even when you’d thought the feat was impossible – among other neat tricks.

Floral wallpaper

Flowers and nature have always been a huge source of inspiration for interior designers. The range of floral wallpaper is no exception. With an extensive array of floral designs, any wallpaper collections offer a variety of styles to suit any interior. You just have to know how to place colors to coordinate with one another

Elements within a space

Design and Transform Your Walls ! santa barbara design center
Design and Transform Your Walls ! santa barbara design center

Not only can you fool your guest to thinking the wallpaper is real but you can create something unique and textured. A brick wall wallpaper is best for a very industrial look. Industrial interiors are defined by the architectural elements within a space. Other styles hide the piping and ductwork, but industrial embraces those elements, making them a focal point. Industrial interior design is raw, almost unfinished, providing a casual atmosphere that’s relaxing to live in.


Design and Transform Your Walls ! santa barbara design center

Have FUN with it. Not only can it go in bedrooms and living rooms but also bathrooms. Your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but with the right wallpaper it can easily be the room that packs the most personality. Whether you choose a romantic floral, a modern geometric. wallpaper is a great way to give your bathroom a stylish look full of color and pattern. From coastal to farmhouse modern, and all styles in between, the wallpaper possibilities are there to help you set the scene. In addition, because of its small square footage, you can easily transform your bathroom without much investment or, better yet, go for a guilt-free splurge on that favorite wallpaper pattern you’ve been coveting

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