Moroccan Rugs In Contemporary Living Rooms


Moroccan Rugs are a perfect example of how to bring a multicultural style to your home because they give color, vibrant and warmth to any room.  You can add a Moroccan rug to any style  –  works amazingly with other vintage accents and furnishings, making a great contemporary living room.  A contemporary living room can be uplifted and shine from it’s rug and wall art.

Moroccan rugs interior design
Moroccan Runners
Moroccan rug detail
Moroccan Details on the Carpet

And size does matter when you are trying to make a statement! When thinking about a good an acceptable size for your rugs, you can go big. Having a rug that almost covers the floor is a great contemporary interior design statement.

The most popular Moroccan rugs are the designs  from the Beni Ourain tribes, there are 17 Berber tribes from the Atlas Mountains.  Their rugs have distinctive designs, which range from ordered geometric shapes and expressive patterns. They almost always are in a neutral palette (usually they have an ivory background with brown or black geometric lines), and they have a shaggy pile. These rugs were never intended to be decorative objects, the rugs were originally woven for practical purposes: It is cold in the mountains, so they were used for blankets, shawls and bed covers.

Moroccan rugs wall decor
Moroccan Rug Wall Decor

Traditional Beni Ourain tribal designs were woven from memory, not patterns, so they have an appealing “quirkiness.” and it’s their quirkiness that makes these rugs appealing to interior designers. It’s the idiosyncratic patterns that gives more traditional rooms a much-needed shot of modernity.

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