beachy chic santa barbara


Going with a Beachy-chic theme for your home is not just for coastal living anymore, beach-inspired decorating gives your home the laid-back setting that’s just right for all seasons.

Beachy chic vingette santa barbara
Driftwood Lamps in three different sizes
Beachy chic shell decor
Who says you have to sell seashells by the seashore…

Here are some sea-inspired decorating ideas for Santa Barbara Design Center fans that are looking to add a coastal feel to their homes.

  •  Lanterns are always a fun accessory – especially for entryways.  Add shells, rope, and driftwood; use your imagination to create something really unique!
  • Adding Ocean-Blue Accents – light blue color palette gives the sense of an ocean and adds to a cooler ambiance to any room.
  • Mixing metal with reclaimed wood to create an informal look, much like a relaxed day on the beach.
  • Textured furniture and walls epitomize a sandy beach while giving the feeling of a lived-in space.
Driftwood coffee table santa barbara
Driftwood Cocktail Tables
Driftwood tables
Driftwood Tables

Check out our unique driftwood end tables and coffee tables – new on our floor. We also have fun shell accessories and lamps. Come by today and be Beach Inspired!