Its in the same bottom drawer as before. My husband and I decided to clean & disinfect the entire apartment and found mouse poop every where even behind the fridge. We checked every inch of the apartment to find any hidden holes and it seems like the mouse could have entered from underneeth the sink. There is a Huge hole opening from the pipe

Ways To Include An Accent Wall

Ways To Include An Accent Wall

At Santa Barbara design Center we carry everything you need for your home under one roof. From sofas to sectional. As well as bedroom, kitchen, and outdoor furniture and accessories. When decorating your home its important to have the important stuff. For instance a sofa to sit on or a dining table to eat on. Well when it comes down to wall decor it can be a roller coaster of ideas about what to do with a plain wall. Although many put a large mirror or painting to accentuate the room. Many also like to create an accent wall.

Accent walls can range from doing a fun solid color to a more geometric design. Furthermore, using wall paper for a more unique design or texture can really bring the room together. A accent wall is a wall that design differs from the design of the other walls in the room. Santa Barbara Design Center carry’s many different wall paper designs to help enlighten any room in your home. We encourage you to come to Santa Barbara Design Center and see out collection



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