Ways To Design Your Living Room

At Santa Barbara Design Center we carry everything you need to design your home from rugs, sofas, lighting, tables, shelving and much more. You can think of many different ways to design you home. Your living room is one of the most lived in rooms through-out your home. Give your guest something to talk about from your one of a kind custom made sofa to one of our hand woven natural wool antique rugs.

When designing your living room you want to give your guest a great first impression. Make them feel welcomed and comfortable in your living room.

1.) Start by choosing a rug for your living room. Like Michael Kourosh always says ” You always want to start from the ground up” at Rugs & More we have a huge selection on rugs to choose from. Including Persian rugs, collectable rugs, antique rugs, modern rugs, and much more.

Living room antique rug

2.) secondly you want to lay out your furniture the way you want it to fit in your living room.

modern sofas santa barbara design center

3.) Thirdly include your coffee table, side tables, bookshelves, ect. This will help bring your living room together.

living room set cynthia rowely coffee table

4.) Last but not least Accessories to complement your furniture. Add painting, pictures, plants, books, pillows, and much more. Beautify and fill every area of your home with our collection of unique and beautiful accessories. Accessories complete and compliment your design, allowing the vision to become reality through the individuality they bring.

table-home-accessories santa-barbara-design-center