Ways To Bring Outdoors Into Your Home

Everyone enjoys being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence of the outdoors. If we can’t live in the middle of nature we find ways to bring it inside our homes. The most common way of incorporate nature into your home is decorating with trees and flowers. Put these accessories everywhere you can including the bathroom, kitchen, living room, dinning room and everywhere else.

At Santa Barbara Design Center we have a wide variety of gorgeous orchids, tall fiddle trees, tulips and much more to make your home feel welcome. Beautify and fill every area of your home with our collection of unique and beautiful accessories. Accessories complete and compliment your design, allowing the vision to become reality through the individuality they bring.

37 in Phalaenopsis Santa Barbara

Lighting And Color

It’s always important to have a bright home with lots of sunlight if you want it to feel fresh and cheerful. Natural light is particularly important if you want to decorate with plants. If you really want to impress then include a few skylights or even glass sliding door.

Don’t limit yourself to earth tones!  Embrace the colors of nature.  Blues will echo the sky and bodies of water, yellow will incorporate sunshine and energy. Green brings to mind the classic natural ideas of growth and regeneration.


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