Upgrade your home with a Swivel Glider Chair By Linda A Chavez

Santa Barbara Design Center features a great selection of Swivel Glider Chairs, the most popular styles include the Lake Swivel Glider Chair, Ariel Swivel Glider Chair and the Barric Swivel Glider Chair. The Swivel Glider Chair makes for a great conversation piece while bringing comfort and relaxation to your living space.

Fabric Collection

The attention is in the details, not only does the Swivel Glider chair add a glamorous feel to your home but also to the body. The Swivel Glider Chair comes in numerous styles as well as hundreds of fabrics, solid colors and breathtaking patterns. We elevate the design with soft, durable and easy to clean fabrics.

The Santa Barbara Design Center offers a cut above the rest comfort with high density foam wrapped in a layer of angel hair for the cushion as well as a padded back and armrests, creating a chair that hugs your body. The glider offers a smooth back and forward motion movement, while the swivel provides an effortless 360 degree rotation.

Lake Swivel Glider Chair

The  Lake Swivel Glider Chair Provides a comfortable plush cushion with a slightly reclined back with padding and high extending armrests. The chair is adorned with a modest skirt underneath the seat rail to cover the glider while also adding a slick design. The standard Lake swivel Glider Chair comes in a space saving 35x30x36 dimension, although we offer to custom make it to appropriately fit your living space.

Barric Swivel Glider

The Barric Swivel Glider styles a solid fabric with contrasting piping for character. The cushion extends around the front of the armrests for spacious leg comfort, while inducing a more welcoming feel. The chair wears a tailored base to give a clean look while also covering the Glider. The Barric Swivel Glider Chair adds a warm inviting sensation to your

Ariel Swivel Glider

The Ariel Swivel Glider provides you with extra comfort, the cushions are upholstered as mentioned above as well as the padded back and armrests. Although this design is complemented with a throw pillow for extra back support and comfort. At the seat rail the Ariel Swivel Glider Chair is completed with a long elegant skirt.

Adding Comfort

A Swivel Glider Chair adds comfort and style to your home and with your choice of size and fabric you will add versatility and character, it will be all you and your guests can talk about. We welcome you to Santa Barbara Design Center, let’s discuss what best suits you and your home.