Top 10 ways to Update your home santa barbara design center

Top 10 Ways To Update Your Home

Top 10 Ways To Update Your Home

Learn Top 10 Ways To Update Your Home. At Santa Barbara Design Center we carry everything you need for your home under one roof. Furthermore, whether you are furnishing an entire room or simply adding an accent of home decor, we have something to offer every room, taste and budget. Including the newest addition to our Collection. Norman Window Shutters.


Dark is dreary and dreary is depressing.  Remove tired heavy treatments and replace them with light linens, silks or Norman Shutters to let the light shine in! Shutters became beloved by all – even the most discerning tastes. In addition, they increase the value of your home. As well as, conserve energy and give your home a clean, sophisticated look. Norman Shutters come in an array of value points. Furthermore, Wood shutters are the most common shutters on the market.

Wood shutters come in a variety of patterns that can help create the look you are seeking on the outside of your home. If you choose to use wooden outdoor shutters, they must be maintained properly for them to last. Composite shutters provide a great alternative to wood shutters. Shutters, which are virtually maintenance free, are custom manufactured from state-of-the-art PVC and thermally stable fiberglass. Vinyl shutters are the most reasonably priced shutters on the market.

They are lightweight, easy to install and readily available in most home centers or even online. Most people use the shutters in the most moist areas of their home. Lastly, for those of you who are concerned about hurricanes or tornadoes, you may want to invest in storm shutters. Aluminum shutters protect glass from high winds and blowing debris. Storm shutters are available in several different types.


Give your home a fresh look with paint. You can hire a pro or invite some savvy friends over to help with the facelift. Remember.. clean palette. Select one wall in the room and pop it with a fresh new color. It seems obvious but a clean coat of paint can take a room from drab to fab.


Trust me- you don’t need it. The only reason you have it is because you probably use it to hide all the things you’re tired of looking at inside.  When was the last time you even looked? Admit it, you’re afraid! Here’s an idea.  Donate what’s now occupying it to your favorite charitable organization. But if you’re truly attached and can’t part with it —  consider painting it a warm off-white color— this will help it “disappear” into the room, tricking the eye to think the space is more airy and open.


Yep.  I get it – sometimes the style and lines of your current furniture become so familiar that you just can’t stand the idea of parting with it? It has becomes part of the family? You may have even named at this point!  In this case, re-upholstery will breathe new life into it . Making it possible to continue using for many more years. Another great plus point of reupholstering the old geezer is that our team of experts  at Santa Barbara Design Center will help you select specific fabrics that are tailored to your lifestyle requirements.

As a result, this means that your reupholstered sofa will hold up a lot longer than a brand new suite. If your sofa is used a lot, then you’ll need more hard-wearing fabrics than you would need on an arm chair that is hardly used. Our team will consider all kinds of lifestyle factors to ensure that your reupholstered sofa is of the best possible quality.


They’d say get all this stuff off of me! Hardwood floors are a classic choice for bedrooms, as they add both beauty and value to a home, but if you can’t see them – what good are they? Your gorgeous wood floors are complimented sparingly by rugs that compliment both them and the room. Assess your present rugs. Are they worth cleaning? Times are changing and tired old dark rugs have become a thing of the past. Here at the center our clients balance classic balanced furnishings with Rugs with motifs that pop and add dimension to the room.


What kind of vibe is your bedroom giving? Who doesn’t like slipping into a cozy, peace filled suite? Everyone loves their bedroom – make yours amazing! Over any other room in the home, the bedroom requires a comfortable and calming feel no matter what style is being employed. It is the room where you begin your day and the room where you end your day. It is essential in any home to make the bedroom the personal centerpiece. Select warm cozy fabrics and pillows that stand the test of time. If you are allergic, replace all your down with synthetic fibers.


Maybe you can’t see them because there’s no LIGHT! Ambient lighting is an amazing way to give your room the WOW factor. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold over your favorite furnishings – especially where you read, eat or delve into your favorite art project. In addition, Light should be soft but should fill the room peacefully and pop objects you would like to feature. Get rid of the dusty old brass lamps and replace with lights that shimmer and GLOW.


You are much better off investing in beautiful artificial plants then having a bunch of pots off half dead plants lying around. Furthermore, I think we can all agree that both live and artificial indoor plants have a role to play in this world, depending on where you want to put them and what you want them for. But one thing is for certain,  artificial plants do have a lot of obvious benefits. Aside from a bit of dusting every now and then, they need no maintenance, are robust, and can sit even in the darkest corner of your office or home.

What’s more, where you may not be able to have the live plant you had your eye on because the location is too dark/light/cold/hot, your artificial plant can go anywhere and still look good. If you worry about the environment and live in California where water can be an issue, artificial plants are a nice option.


“An entry door painted a bold shade of black says ‘I’m serious, cool, friendly, fun-loving and classic, while a red door says, “I take risks!”  It’s the color for an extrovert. What does your door say? Does it even look like your home? If not, repaint it a shade that personifies your personal statement. Maybe you’re an environmentalist – love to help out in your community? Go for it and paint it a nice shade of green.


You are! Now that you have all your walls have been painted fresh and your windows are sparkling, it’s time to re-hang your priceless treasures. A bit of hesitation? Chances are you have fallen in love with your beautiful abode all over again and may not feel so inclined to hang up all of your well worn treasures. What’s that number for Good Will again? Maybe you should give them a call. Welcome to your new home!


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In conclusion, For over 20 years, Santa Barbara design center has offered the best in rugs and home furnishings, and have been voted “Best Of” for over 20 years by the Santa Barbara News press. Whether you are a designer or a couple decorating your first home, we remain passionate about serving your home needs. Come in and see our new location today. We look forward to serving you!

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