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New Reverie Dream Mattress

Santa Barbara Design Center now is carrying the latest state-of-the-art Reverie mattresses.  These mattresses  are custom-made for you and the way you sleep. The mattress may be customized to the firmness level on each side of the mattress to your specifications when we build it, which is great for partners that have different sleeping preferences.

The mattress can also adapt with you over time as your comfort preferences or weight changes. How? Just unzip the cover and reconfigure the DreamCell™ support system to the firmness level you want the configuration grids. You don’t need more DreamCell foam springs to change the firmness level—the ones that come with your mattress can be used to create any firmness arrangement.

Dream Supreme Mattress features:

  • 11” DreamCell™ mattress is custom built to your firmness preferences; over time you can reconfigure the DreamCell foam springs to adapt to your changing needs or preferences.
  • 3” natural latex comfort layer provides plush comfort while resisting body impressions.
  • Patented DreamCell™ foam spring support system offers custom firmness configuration on each side of the mattress.
  • DreamCell foam springs use Oeko-Tex® certified natural latex and are naturally anti-microbial and dust mite resistant.
  • Soft/Medium/Firm custom support options.
  • Re-configurable firmness.
  • Breathable cover with moisture wicking properties.
  • Removable top cover – dry clean only.
  • 10-year full replacement limited warranty for manufacturing defects.
Latex Adjustable Springs
latex springs that are adjustable

Individual Latex Springs

8Q™ Adjustable Foundation: Premium Design, Supreme Adjustability

The newly introduced 8Q™ is our premium adjustable foundation, featuring charcoal gray upholstery, Bluetooth Smart® connectivity and a nightlight feature. Raise or lower the bed with the touch of a button to find your most comfortable sleeping or resting position

Reverie also Features of the 8Q™ Adjustable Foundation. Where your head and foot can be elevated to virtually any angle, allowing maximum comfort for you and your partner. The adjustable foundation consists of the following features:

  • Wireless backlit remote control features 4 programmable memory positions, so you can lock in your favorite positions and also includes these pre-set positions:
    • The Zero Gravity pre-set position simulates weightlessness – eliminating pressure from limbs and lower lumbar.
    • The Anti-Snore pre-set position raises the head of the bed slightly to open airways to improve breathing and help reduce snoring.
  • Bluetooth Smart™ Mobile Module allows control of the bed through Apple or Android devices via our free Reverie Remote app.
  • Remote stand with USB port and 2 AC outlets to charge devices.
  • Under-the-bed nightlight can be turned on/off via the remote.
  • Ultra quiet massage feature with 10 different intensity levels. Choose from head and foot only or full body options. Wake up with a gentle massage and/or by having your head lifted via the alarm function on the app!
  • Comfortable heat tilt support provides additional comfort when in a fully upright position.
  • Split foundation construction on split king models let each person individually control their own adjustable foundation.
  • Individual massage control on each side with split king option.
  • 4 corner retainer bars provide built-in lumbar support and keep mattress in perfect position.
  • Fits most standard bedframes. Headboard brackets included.
  • 3-in-1 legs to adjust bed height to your preference.
  • Proprietary steel adjustable foundation.
  • 20 year limited warranty.
reverie mattress
Experience the ultimate in customized and customizable sleeping comfort with Reverie’s premium sleep system.


Stop by today and try on the luxury~  Put your feet up and we’ll hand you a blanket! 

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