Max 3C Sofa Leather Recliner

Introducing the new Max 3C leather recliner. The Perfect addition to your living space to come home to and relax on! Available in any leather or configuration! The items in this vignette are showcased at Santa Barbara Design Center including the teak root coffee table, audri mirror, vintage Persian rug and all the accessories shown .

Santa Barbara Design Center is proud to bring you the finest sofas and couches on the Central Coast. Since we own the factory, the only limit to what we can do is your own imagination! We create our sofas from California alder wood in Los Angeles. From couches to sectionals to chaises to loveseats to recliners and everything in between, allow us to help you create your own perfect seat. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship, price, and the largest selection in Santa Barbara and the Central Coast. From traditional to contemporary to ultra modern, if you can dream it we can make it a reality.