Furniture For The Holidays

Furniture For The Holidays

Once the holidays come around we find ourselves surrounded by the people we love. Entertaining during the  holidays is a simply a tradition when friends and families have gathered to enjoy a special meal, reminisce about fond memories and celebrate the imminent New Year. Furthermore, come Christmas time gifts are typically exchanged. There is also often an abundance of food and drinks on hand. However, preparing for holiday celebrations can mean having to redesign or rearrange space in your home to accommodate your guests, especially those staying with you from out of town.

You will want to take a look at the main rooms of your house where guests will congregate and determine if you have enough space and, more importantly, enough furniture to accommodate friends and family.

You still want to look at how your dining room, living room and guest bedroom are set up and ask yourself, “What furniture do I need for the holidays?” Keep in mind, your furniture reflects your personality, your memories and your experiences. You may not see it, but others will when they walk into your home. You want your guest to feel at home.

Dining Table

Hudary Extended Dining Table

As the holidays approach, many people consider buying a bigger dining room table to accommodate larger groups of guests. You will also want a table that can be downsized for smaller gatherings simply by removing a leaf or two from the tabletop.

Sorento Extended Dining Table

Dining room tables come in distinct shapes: rectangle, square, oval and round. The rounded tables are good for small gatherings, but if the table is too big, your guests will have a hard time holding a conversation across the table. Oval or round dining room tables with seating for 12 are physically larger than a rectangular table with the same amount of seats. So, if you plan on entertaining a large group, go for the rectangle style. Medium-sized groups would fare well with an oval table, while small groups would do best with square or round tables.


Living Room

The miller sectional is custom made to your specifications. It brings comfort to any home along with plenty of seating for all your guest to enjoy.

If your living room furniture is looking worn or drab and you want to update before the holidays, there are many options to consider. Determine how much space you need for holiday furniture, sketching a few different plans. Make sure to leave ample space between the pieces of furniture. It’s the holidays, so go all out when arranging your furniture. You want to make the rooms open and welcoming, depending on the number of guests you have invited.

Carrying on family traditions is a great way to celebrate the winter holidays. The type of furniture you have can be a part of that tradition. Santa Barbara Design Center carries a wide variety of wonderfully handcrafted furniture. It is durable, stylish and priced just right.

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