Featured top designer to check out – Robert Passal

Robert Passal, has to be one of this years most inspiring interior designers to follow. I love his sophisticated timeless aesthetic. He just nails it when comes to evoking personal comfort within an elegant setting. As well as mixing different styles and textures!

Robert Passel interiors
Robert Passel interiors photo credit Joshua McHugh

Robert developed a keen eye from his experiences and travels and continues to hone into his skills as a designer. With his clients he helps them make the look they are aspiring to create reflect their personality.   He has his hand on helping each client select each interior from fabrics  to antiques  – each representing the individuality of the person. I adore how he can mix so many different colors and patterns which one wouldn’t think to do –  yet each space  flows and comes together with such fascinating balance, uniqueness and unquestionable elegance.

robert -passal interior
Robert Passal interior photo credit Joshua Mc Hugh
robert -passal interior photo credit Joshua Mc Hugh
Robert -Passal interior photo credit Joshua Mc Hugh

He has a wide range of eclectic clientele from professional athletes to celebrities, real estate developers, to homemakers around the world. Robert is based in NY and Miami. And he is currently at work producing his signature lines of fabrics and furnishing!

Robert has earned praises from House Beautiful, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Architectural Digest, House & Garden to name a few.  Recently he profiled this holiday season with 1st Dibs and Introspective Magazine by Forge S. Arango, (which is on of my favorite websites).

At the Santa Barbara Design Center we love to zone in and take a peak at what top designers are trending and showcasing. Robert Passal is our first designer that we feel sets the tone for 2016!

For more information or to discuss a project, please contact Robert and his team on By phone: 212.242.5508 or by email: [email protected]