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Dream Boho Interior Design

Dream Boho Interior Design

The Bobo design is very well known in interior design. It features many elements but the ones that distinguish this design is the greenery and wooden pieces giving it that Boho style.

Its important to include Sisal pieces. For example, woven sisal baskets or chandelier. The Boho look is well known for incorporating many natural elements. Including many plants to give it that indoor feel. There something about natural plants that give your home a stress of relief and bringing good energy to your home.

Furthermore, selecting some natural wooden pieces of furniture create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, Moroccan rugs bring the entire look together. Rugs and More carry a wide selection of rugs that will work seamlessly in your boho style.

Incorporate some fun accessories that go well with your decor. For instance ottomans scream boho. As well as natural succulents.

At Santa Barbara Design Center we carry everything you need for your home under one roof. We provide custom furniture made to your specifications. Furthermore we offer re-upholstery, rug cleaning and repair services. Stop by to see our large collections of furniture and rugs.


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