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Santa Barbara Design Center is now selling Cryton fabrics. These fabrics are the most environmentally-friendly, reliable and high-performance textile solutions know today because Crypton is the only patented & tested fabric that works in performance fabrics for healthcare, contract, furniture, and residential and outdoor. They are stain, water, and bacteria resistant …protection against stains, moisture & odors. Be it designer fabric, wall fabric, and an out-door fabrics.

It is an engineered fabric made with pre-tested and approved textiless with specific fiber and construction requirements to ensure consistent performance. Approved fibers are permanently transformed with stain and microbial protection through an immersion process, and an impenetrable moisture barrier that protects the fabric from spills.

Crypton’s technology is built into all of our fabrics it is not a coating that they put on for protection that later breaks down and needs to be recoated. They are engineered with an integrated backing that will never separate, and permanently enhancing the performance of the fabric. Unlike Crypton fabrics, laminated fabric can delaminate, creating a pocket between the surface fabric and the lining, where moisture can pool, compromising the performance of the fabric and allowing germs to grow.

Crypton was initially developed for outdoor fabrics specifically. It has all the features of Crypton PLUS enhanced anti-microbial protection and UV-resistant fibers, which resist fading. It is now for all purpose use the home, office or hospitals.

Crypton is the only fabric that meets or exceeds all of the following heavy duty requirements: stain resistance, water resistance, abrasion, tearing strength, breaking strength, seam slippage, flammability, and resistance to fungal and bacterial growth. Its performance measures the ability of a fabric to resist water penetration when water pressure is exerted over its surface!

Crypton’s exceptional protection from stains, odors, moisture, and mildew makes cleaning a breeze! Liquid spills bead up and can be blotted off with a clean, dry cloth. Most new stains come off with a clean, damp cloth and water. For more stubborn stains, a mild soap and water mixture is very effective.

 Come in today and see our selection of these soft, durable and stain-resistant fabrics!