5 ways to style your bedroom santa barbara design center

5 ways to style your bedroom

There are many ways to style your bedroom but lets talk about the 5 most important ways to go about it. When moving into a new home you sometimes wonder about the design. You ask yourself how can I go about choosing a design that I will love. Whether its Traditional, industrial, shabby chic, or even mid century modern. Your options are endless.

1. Selecting a color palette

Our recommendation is to start off with selecting the right color palette. Will you be incorporating fun color or lean more towards the neutrals. As your selecting color tones you also want to keep in mind a rug. Your color choice will also determine the type of rug to look for. As well as the color theme. When designing your room you typically want to start from the ground up. Start by choosing the right color palette then select the rug that will coordinate with your walls and the rest of the furniture you will later select.

2. Scale and Proportion

No one likes a cluttered room. That is why scale and proportion is very important in the design world. When shopping for bedroom furniture you want to insure that what you are buying will fit seamlessly into your design. Otherwise you will struggle with having either to much room or to little. Keep in mind that when you are working with a small room its important to select fairly smaller furniture. This will make a bedroom look bigger and spacious. If you are dealing with a large room and you select small furniture then you can only imagine having all this empty space that you will not know what to do with.

A great tip to knowing the right size needed for your furniture is blue scotch tape. Place the scotch tape on your floor to the exact size of the furniture you are interested in buying, in order to get a visual idea of size and proportion.

3. Create a comfy and inviting atmosphere

Creating a cozy and warm atmosphere is quite easy. All you need is some soft sheets and lots of pillows. When you come home after a long day of work you want be able to through yourself into a cozy bed. Make your bed feel like your laying on a fluffy cloud. Also keep in mind that the sheets and pillows you select should also color coordinate with the rest of the decor.

4. Choosing bedroom curtain

When selecting bedroom curtains its important to measure the height. Getting the right measurements from rod to floor before hanging curtains is ideal. Remember to account for the height of the rings or hanging hardware and how much space you want between the curtains and the floor.When measuring the width of your window, consider how full you want your curtain to be.

At Santa Barbara Design Center we carry a wide selection of fabrics to choose from when it comes to curtains.

5. Incorporate Accessories

Lastly, whats a bedroom with out accessories. Have fun with selecting your bedroom decor. For example, Add a large paint or mirror to make your bedroom look bigger and spacious. Perhaps include artificial succulent to bring life into your bedroom. Your options are endless when it comes to decorating.