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5 Living Room Styles You Will Fall In Love With


Santa Barbara Design Center is proud to provide the greatest selection in town of the best items to add comfort and luxury to where you live. From one-of-a-kind antiques to sofas, sectionals, and chairs custom-made to your specifications, to lamps and lighting, to tables, to rugs, we have everything to fit your personal style. Come in with your own design specifications or allow our staff of professional designers to create a room centered around the most important person to use that room, you. Here are 5 living room styles you will fall in love with.



5 Living Room Looks You Will Fall In Love With

Creating a Bohemian living room means creating an absolutely different and personalized atmosphere to your liking. In addition, the best feature of this boho style is that you can use any art pieces. Include your own work of art and mix the colors you wish. Bohemian style often resembles a fun Eastern interior. For instance, Moroccan, so enjoy bright colors and patterns if that is what your into. You want to include wood, fur, different fabrics, leather and silk plants. Have fun and enjoy the variety of materials you can use to create a wonderful Bohemian design. Personalized in various ways, get inspired!


When looking to change your living room to a contemporary style there are a number of aspects of the design to consider. The contemporary design is all about basic and simple designs with clean lines and sharp edges. Furthermore, colors should be neutral with accents of lighting, both natural and artificial. There are many ways to vary the contemporary living room designs in order to make it feel more like your own style rather than a blanketed generic style. If you are interested in designing your living room in a contemporary style then you should focus on basic and simple furniture, neutral colors on the walls, and accenting focus points of the room through modern lighting. You can find all these things at Santa Barbara Design Center.

Add a Contemporary sofa or chair that should be in a solid neutral color and not have any distinguishable print. Traditionally, contemporary furniture is big and bulky with large padded sections. Even though there are large padded sections, the lines on the furniture are still straight and clean and create a uniform look to the room.




Traditional interior designs are easy to spot as they have a very specific look. This style tends to focus on elegance and on an overall continuous décor where everything matches everything else. The most commonly used colors for this interior are light beige and brown with slight variations. Traditional interior design brings the warmth and elegance of the past into the present. This style has a long, rich history from which to draw. The Traditional style of today has its roots in the classical period of ancient Greece and Rome over 2,000 years ago and actually consists of a broad range of styles that were implemented prior to the Modern Movement of the early 20th century.



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Retro-inspired interiors and living spaces have made a bit of comeback in the last year or so. Most often retro design ideas are linked with bold colors, intricate patterns and general design that is more over the top than understated. While this refreshingly rich look might not work with every living room and any given theme, it does feel organic and urbane when done right. Try to introduce a few classic chairs, a retro-styled table, and possibly a vintage decor item or two to accentuate the retro look. A completely retro-inspired living room can be a touch overwhelming, but therein lays its beauty!



5 Living Room Looks You Will Fall In Love With santa barbara design center 1234455

It’s all about silver, platinum and light metallic sheens !

Glam design is where luxury meets sophistication in a glitzy decor scheme that seduces the senses. Mirrored furniture, rich fabrics, and metallic accents combine to create a look that plays on the extravagant. Chandeliers with cascades of crystals glitter against tufted furniture draped with faux furs.

Achieving a gorgeous Glam look is all in the details. Comfort and elegance are in harmony with stylish decor and luxurious furniture that draws you into this alluring atmosphere. A tufted or plain sofa layered with decorative throw pillows and faux fur sets the mood of this glamorous style. Tucked in are a few elements of sparkle, a bold print, and chic vases filled with fresh flowers. While femininity plays a prominent role in this design scheme, sophistication ultimately reigns supreme.


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