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10 Easy Ways to a Holiday-Ready Home

So it’s the first day of December,  not many left until Christmas/Hanukkah – have you started your shopping? If you’re wanting some inspiration for how to get your home ready for the Holidays then look no further.  I’ve come up with an easy to do check-list with some super easy ways to prepare your home for the festivities.  You can take each of my tips and try to tackle one a day et voila you will be ready for to get your party started!

  1.  Declutter: spend a bit of time in each room and work through whatever piles of  paperwork, clothes or accessories. Send unwanted items to charity or recycling to give your home a fresh clean look – invest in some clever, stylish storage to ensure you maintain a clutter free home.
  2. Choose a Theme: by that I mean the look for your Holiday decor. If you’re updating your style this year check out something bright and colorful or a theme that incorporates contemporary style with less traditional colors such as our Batik pillows.
  3. Dining Chairs:  if you need extra seating for the Holidays, you can buy our chairs right off the floor – no waiting no hassle!
  4. Prepare for Overnight Guests: visitors over the holiday period?  Get the spare room ready or purchase a new sofa bed
  5. Bedding: don’t forget some fabulous new bedding from our collection of Colomba Living!
  6. Keep it Cosy: create a warm, relaxing home and add some gorgeous blankets and throws, perfect for snuggling with in front of your favorite Holiday movie.
  7. Choose one room for a Mini Makeover: invest a little time in just one room for some special treatment.
  8. Or simply give smaller updates to lots of rooms to ensure your home is comfortable and ready this Holiday Season.
  9. Wrap the Gifts: Spend an evening (or two) wrapping the gifts and either hide them from the kids or stack under the tree.
  10.  And so it Begins: Cook the food, pour a drink and enjoy.

 Last minute home necessity needs not to be a problem at the Santa Barbara Design Center!  Come by and buy what your home needs to make this the perfect Holiday Season!