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At Santa Barbara Design Center we can reupholster your 25 year old sofa look like new. With our amazing expert team we have been voted #1 and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.

Upholstery: Reasons to Reupholster Your Sofa

Save Your Furniture

When you love your furniture, but you can’t stand the unsightly wear, sofa reupholstery can be the ideal solution. Sometimes the style and lines of your current furniture become so familiar that you just can’t stand the idea of parting with your comfortable old couch or chair. In this case, reupholstery will breathe new life into the furniture, making it possible to continue using it for many more years.

Reserve Antiques

If you have antique furniture that needs some help, sofa upholstery can be an effective method for preserving these pieces. To ensure that you don’t damage or destroy the furniture in the upholstery process, Santa Barbara Design Center specializes in upholstering antique furniture to make it look like new.

Choose Your Fabrics

Sometimes your interior decor needs just the right color or design, and this can be difficult to find in the ready-made furniture market. Instead of purchasing new furniture that won’t fit into your existing decor, consider upholstering. The process will enable you to select just the fabric you want that will fit your design and decor scheme. Santa Barbara Design Center has over a thousand different fabrics to choose from. From chenilles, linens, embroidery, leathers, sunbrella, and much more. We carry fabric lines like Duralee, Fabricut, Ralph lauren, Schumatcher, ext.

Save Money

Often your existing furniture still has many more years of life in it, except for the surface wear. In these cases, you can save money by upholstering your high quality furniture instead of replacing it when it isn’t structurally necessary. Whether you are looking to change things up and go from fabric to a leather sofa.We at Santa Barbara Design Center are specialized for over 25 years.

Upholstering your old furniture had huge benefits. You may think buying a brand new sofa is the most hassle-free option, but usually, that’s not the case. Santa Barbara Design Center upholstery service takes the stress away from refreshing your home’s interior, may it be a sofa, chair, couch, or sectional – we will show you what the best fabrics are and help you decide the comfort you would want your sofa to be, where you want down, angel hair, or polly.

Another great plus point of reupholstering your old sofa is that our team of experts will help you select specific fabrics that are tailored to your lifestyle requirements – this means that your reupholstered sofa will hold up a lot longer than a brand new suite. If your sofa is used a lot, then you’ll need more hard-wearing fabrics than you would need on an arm chair that is hardly used. Our team will consider all kinds of lifestyle factors to ensure that your reupholstered sofa is of the best possible quality. 

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